The Best Audio Dealer

My vote for the best dealer award goes to Mario,owner of TOYS FROM THE ATTIC This guy helped me break into analog.I made alot of mistakes because "Dave,you don't listen" Any way Mario was always to the rescue.He,over the phone has helped me build an awesome sounding stereo.He has always given me the Best price and I know he hasnt made much money from me.He calls me on occasion to see "whats up" I have never met the man or been to his shop because its over 300 miles away
John Rutan of Audio Connection. A true artist in mixing and macthing components. Has had many opportunities to sell me equipment on an upgrade path, but he has steared me away from many of these so called "upgrades" feeling they would offer no real improvment. He has been on the money when I have bought based on his recommendation. The comment above regarding John's "rudeness" about a certain brand of speakers is possible, but it is likely that it was John's honest opinion. By the way, I drive 200+ miles to get his opinion and recommendations, although there are a lot of dealers in between.
My vote would be for Richard Bird of Rives Audio. The room is as much a component, and as big a part of the system, as any other. I am currently working with him on a redesign of my room. He is knowlegable, professional, listens to your needs, and creates a room to be proud of. Not only will my room sound great when he is done with it, it is going to look great as well. He knows sound and he knows aesthetics. Judging from the concept plan we went over today, my room is going to look a lot better than it does now, and sound better exponentialy.
I recommend three: Kevin Deal from Upscale, Jimmy and Mario fro Toys From the Attic, and Dan from Dedicated Audio. These guys are all terrific and have helped me get the sound I want without pressure. They are all a pleasure to deal with.
Freds Sound of Music, Portland Oregon. Great store, friendly, helpful to a fault. Give em a try.