The Best Audio Dealer

My vote for the best dealer award goes to Mario,owner of TOYS FROM THE ATTIC This guy helped me break into analog.I made alot of mistakes because "Dave,you don't listen" Any way Mario was always to the rescue.He,over the phone has helped me build an awesome sounding stereo.He has always given me the Best price and I know he hasnt made much money from me.He calls me on occasion to see "whats up" I have never met the man or been to his shop because its over 300 miles away
Venus Hifi.....Bloomington, Indiana. Excellent service when I purchased my Final Music 5 and Music 6 preamp and amps. What a nice guy.

Sound and Mind Audio...Austin, Texas...excellent upgrade and returns policy. Last bought my DNA 225 from him (forgot his name...took in a AR complete that was having electronic problems...without any problems.)

PKM audio...Mel, nice guy. Bought all of my 47 Labs stuff from him. Great man.

Toys from the Attic....went there once, never returned. Had advertised items on sale, VPI Junior....service was pathetic. Salesperson was not even interested in showing me the demo interested on sales. Then, after I returned home, I got a call from the owner, asking whether I was interested in some demo stuff(I had left a message in the morning before I went...) I did not bother to explain anything. They have no clue of what is happening there.
John from Van L Speakerworks,Topsonic,(Tom),Duke Lejeune
(Audiokinesis)very humble and patient,I would like
to add Brian from Essential Audio.Tim from Luminous audio.
Systems Design Group in Redondo Beach (Christian Yohe) and Brooks Berdan LTD in Monrovia get my vote! Christian is the easiest person to deal with. Great products and service. What can I say about Brooks Berdan! The knowledge about analog audio is uncomparable!
I counted a few posts that recommended John Rutan of Audio
Connection in Verona NJ, so I would like to add my own. John is honest sincere and extremely knowledgable in the field of high end audio. He will work with you to obtain the best possible system in your budget. I also asked him about an upgrade which I'm sure he would recieve a small fee for the transaction. He did not think it necessary and told me to stay clear. I would recommend John to anybody who was serious about high end audio.
John Rutan, Audio Connection. John loves music and gear, and it shows. Easy to work with and flexible; if you are going to buy something new, he is the one to see.