The Best Isolation/ Vibration Footers per component - what's your experience?

Hi everyone,

There are probably a dozen of threads out there on Isolation/ Vibration footers out there, but there hasn't been thus far one been that combines the following two assumptions:

1. Isolation/ Vibration effectiveness differs per type of component (from source to speaker).
2. The above with Most Popular brands available as per July 2020.

Some of the most recognised brands thus far:
  • Arya Audio
  • Artesania Audio
  • Aurios
  • Black Diamond Racing
  • Critical Mass Systems
  • Gingko
  • Harmonic Resolution Systems
  • Harmonix
  • Iso-Acoustics
  • Shun Mook
  • Silent Running Audio
  • Star Sound Technologies
  • Stillpoints
  • Symposium
  • Townshend

The reason for starting this thread is that in the past few months I have been reading that the Critical Mass Centerstage 2 footers are beating all or most of the above solutions from the other named brands. However, it seems that the Arya Audio Revopods are also beating most of the brands in some high-end select forums and groups as well. 

Do you use and or have/ had any experience with the above and where did you place them and why?

Here is my setup currently.

1. Source/ Network player: Star Sound Technologies Sistrum platform
2. Pre-Amp: No footer yet (Artesania Audio rack)
3. Amplifier: No footer yet (Artesania Audio rack)
4. Power conditioner: Harmonic Resolution Systems Nimbus & HRS platform footers
5. Power supplies for source: Stillpoints
6. Router: Stillpoints
7. Speakers: Stillpoints

I found out that this works the best in my system, but would like to know your experience as I found that using these footers and their effectiveness really depends on the component. Specifically, I would like to hear your experience with Arya Audio and Centerstage 2 footers?

You have omitted what in my experience are the world's two best from your list:

-Dalby Audio






@rareace : Agreed. Marigo Audio vibration control products are outstanding. I've been a very satisfied customer for over 20 years. Jeff

Interesting discussion. About a year ago I bought the Symposium Segue Iso for my turntable and was very impressed. Wanting to learn more about spring isolation, I read very interesting comments regarding Townshend products and eventually bought a set of Podiums for my stand mount speakers. Have never experienced this level of improvement due to any tweak or modifications. So this brings me to today where I recently added the Townshend Platform for my Simaudio 650D cdp. I am having a difficult time finding footers now that do not cause a strange resonance or frequency anomaly. First used Symposium Rollerblock 2+ and sound became very strident in the midrange. Then replaced these with cork/rubber Isolpads and things sounded much better but maybe a little softer muted. So pull out some Polycrystal cones that I’ve kept all these years and tried for a short time but went back to the Isolpads because the midrange was still not right. 
I am just curious what others have used.