the best kt88 tube there is available?

now running sed 6550-c's. am interested in trying the kt88's. But wish to do this once. I have been considering between the gold lions and the shuguang treasure kt88-z's. Since I am unable to hear them in my system I must rely on those with experiance. I have read the reviews but I am interested in goners in the know. thanks for the insight whatever it is.
There's a new tube on the block you might consider. New Sensor just released their new ST-120 tube. It's like a KT-88 on steroids. 65W plate dissapation! I have a pair of DIY PP Parallel mono-blocks that run the output tubes at 60mA class A1. It kind of ate 6550s for breakfast. These new tubes so far have been great. Anyone who has an amp that is hard on output tubes should consider trying these.
actually I spoke with Bea at VTL. she said the shuguang treasure kt88z are kt88s made in a chinese factory. they "do not use chinese tubes especially for output because they don't usually meet the specifications required for VTL amplifiers." you can't argue with that. she suggests the gold lion kt88s or SED kt88s. so there you have it.
My bad. I went home and looked at the boxes again and they were marked KT-120. I guess old age must be rotting my brain. ;-)