The BEST Listening Chair u’ve ever had or saw??

We are building a house and I’ve been looking for the “Perfect” listening chair/recliner etc…

I want something that is;

• very comfortable but “not” too big or too cushiony
• has a head rest but not so wide to block or reflect the music as I’m listening
• reclines
• strong & sturdy
• has arm rests
• leather – steel – teak – mahogany

Maybe I’m crazy but I’ve been looking for several months to find the perfect chair for my listening room. A love-seat could do if it isn’t too big. My listening room will have only 1 or 2 chairs and my music system… that’s it – it’s my sanctuary.

Anyone out there have a particular listening chair they use? I’d really appreciate any suggestions.

No problem Brent, when someone treats me right I like to spread the word, another one of my local friends will be in touch with you before the end of the month he loves my chairs!
Do you guys know of a sofa similar in design to "Zero Gravity Chair"? I really need more than one seat (married)
Buy two?

Seriously, contact Brent, I am sure if its out there he will be able make it happen.
I was in an Office Depot or Office Max store and sat in an Ottoman style chair; could have sat in that chair for hours it was so comfortable. Unfortunately my wife didn't think it would match our decor.