The Best Live album

What are some good live albums/cds you own? Good sound is a nice bonus.

You may put down whatever you want such as "Get your ya ya's out", but are there some maybe we haven't all heard about yet?

The best I have bought lately is Delbert McClinton, "Live", a 2 CD set of a concert in Norway. Just excellent blues big band. I mean this album just smokes, Oh yeaahh, with excellent sound to boot.
"Bless it's Pointed Little Head" - Jefferson Airplane
'Specially like Donovan's "Fat Angel" -very peaceful.
Bauhaus - 'The Sky's Gone Out', Double Album with extra live album , (Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape)-Label:Beggars Banquet. It's got 'The Spy In The Cab','Kick In The Eye', Stigmata Martyr' and 'Bela Lugosi Is Dead (UNDEAD)'. It's the kind of music that keeps me together!
A few of my favs:
Sam Cooke Live at the Harlem Square Club
Alison Krauss/Union Station Live
Roger Waters' The Wall Live in Berlin
King Curtis Live at the Fillmore West
Live Stock by Roy Buchanan
If you like Dave Brubeck you have to own Bravo Brubeck, there is something very engaging about his music and this is a terrific performance with very nice song selections.

I too very much like Eva Cassidy's Live at Blues Alley and her amazing voice.. but just prefer the style of Brubeck so I list it first.