The best looking speakers

I have 2 systems in my house. I am quite happy with what I have.
but I was wondering, what are the best looking speakers out there?
I haven’t taken up the question of new speakers with my wife, but more aesthetically pleasing speakers might help my cause/diseas.  

Taste being subjective all I could contribute is what are the best looking speakers to me.

I actually think the Thiel 2.7 speakers, which I now happily own, are about as close to "perfect" for speaker aesthetics as I can think of.They depart from the boring rectangle shape, yet aren’t a crazy, gauche design, but very sleek and contemporary with gorgeous wood finishes (mine being ebony). A really beautiful piece of furniture which IMO enhances a room.

I also really like the Joseph Audio Perspectives - just a bang-on combination of slender proportions that combined a modern-with-classic look with impeccable wood finish work.

Also love the Devore Fidelity O/96 speakers for a great combo of comfy-classic styling made contemporary.

I was debating on Joseph Audio Perspective or PMC Fact 12. I have the Fact 8. I decided to go for the JA as it ticks all of my boxes also it is not a tough sell for eye candy in my sound room I am expecting delivery end of September decided to go with the sapeli finish.
Awesome!  Please let us know how you like them.  I presume you are buying new, and hence getting the new "Graphene 2" version of the Perspectives?
Those are what I"ve been aiming for myself.
The best looking speakers for you and your wife ! , is the. “Ilumnia Magister” or the “Ilumnia Vocalis” . And de sound is wonderfull. Look at :  The Magister about 30K and the Vocalis about 13000K.