The best looking speakers

I have 2 systems in my house. I am quite happy with what I have.
but I was wondering, what are the best looking speakers out there?
I haven’t taken up the question of new speakers with my wife, but more aesthetically pleasing speakers might help my cause/diseas.  

Any of the Franco Serblins or Sonner Audio, Gunawan Surya have designed spectacular sounding and aesthetically pleasing speakers. IMHO. 

@kokakolia - Don't forget real/artificial plants. I've added to my listening space and wish I'd done it sooner. Big ones, little ones, different shaped leaves -very cool.

I am purely in the "form should follow function" camp of audio design.

This usually leads me to love the looks of quite a few speakers that many find not so aesthetically pleasing.

AvantGarde Acoustics, Tidal, Aries Cerat, Acapella, and others.

Ugly speakers to me, are almost anything in a "monkey casket" type of enclosure, no matter how great the finish is on them.

And don’t even get me started on this entire "retro" design trend that has been going on recently.

"Hey! I have an idea. Let’s build speakers that look like they could have been the house brand of just about any mid-fi store of the 70’s, throw a nice finish on it, and call it "Heritage", or "Classic" or some other name marketing can come up with".

"But we’ve learned a long time ago, that rectangular enclosures, with wide baffles, and a raised lip around the edge of the baffle, are sonic compromises".

"Just do it".

Sonus Faber has always made some of the most beautiful speakers....  im listening to a 20 plus year old pair of Concerto right now and they still sound great and look beautiful. 

My Dad just picked up a pair of Electa Amator III.  They are gorgeous.  Fit and finish is over the top.    They sound better than they look.  A statement speaker for sure