The best music in 2019

Tedeschi/Trucks Band "Signs"  WOW
+1.I've been telling my audio buddies this about 21 Pilots last 2 albums. They listen for a bit and turn it off. It is a slight bit difficult for codgers like my friends (and me when I first heard them) to appreciate after 1 or 2 quick listens, but given time--it is great stuff. 21 Pilots albums have been in my cd player and turntable over the last 3 years more than any other artist --well--maybe a tie with Dylan. 
Gp Gr ,
go see 21 Pilots, the show you will see will blow your mind. Saw them in Pittsburgh last week.
took my 12 year old . It was a religious experience for her!! Lol....
Sure there are 7 years old in the crowd .
there fans are soooo amazing though!!!!
its a sight and sound orgy. 
Go see them !!!
I’ve been to hundreds of shows . This ranks very high, as far as fan involvement, lights, spectacle ,
just wow !!!
here is the newspaper review in case you think I’m crazy .
about 23 songs at 2:15 minutes .