The best music in 2019

Tedeschi/Trucks Band "Signs"  WOW
I have been enjoying Steven Wilson's Home Invasion and Chris Forsyth's All Times Present this week. Slaw hit the nail on the head with his description of Steven Wilson in a live environment. The recording quality is excellent as usual for a Wilson production. The Chris Forsyth album is terrific. Forsyth is a Philadelphia based guitar player who reminds me of Tom Verlaine from Television. I have several of his albums and they are all terrific. His songs tend to be instrumentals, although he will add vocals from time to time. If you like Jeff Beck type jams, you will enjoy Chris Forsyth. That being said, he is truly original and a great recent discovery for me.
Joanne Shaw Taylor - Restless Heart
New artist for me, love her voice and blues/rock guitar playing