The best music in 2019

Tedeschi/Trucks Band "Signs"  WOW
Starflyer 59 "Young in My Head:"  this one needs mentioning just for their ongoing, steady music making ability to draw one in.
Three recent purchases worth noting:
From Good Homes- Time and the River. This is their first new release in 30 years. From Good Homes is a great band from New Jersey that has been around the "jam" scene for a long time. The lead songwriter, Todd Shaeffer, left the band in the 90’s to form Railroad Earth which has a more bluegrass sound. FGH’s sounds like early Dave Matthews and this new album is pretty darn good. You can download via amazon or I purchased the cd from their website.
Kurt Vile- Bottle It In- More countrified psychedelic music from Mr. Vile. Clever lyrics, a cool vibe, and unique instrumentation combining the banjo, electric guitar, harp, and laid back vocals. Really original.
Strand of Oaks- Eraserland. The main guy in Strand of Oaks (Tim Showalter) backed by My Morning Jacket. If you like My Morning Jacket, you will love this.
Van Morrison, “The Prophet Speaks”! It came out in late 2018, December but should be considered 2019. Song writing, performance and sound is all A++++!

Big Big Train's "Grand Tour' is really fine- especially if you like Genesis and Peter Gabriel. Interesting arrangements using horns, strings, synths, and electric guitar. Big Big Train is one of the most original bands out there right now.