The best new music is by a guy who is 60.

If you have not heard "LOVE & THEFT", new music by Dylan, you are missing out on one of the better releases in recent years. You do not need to be a Dylan fan to appreciate this--if you like almost ANY kind of music, you will be moved. In fact, if it weren't for his trademark grizzled vocal twang, you might not recognize the music as his at all! At the age of 60, he has re-invented himself. It is not fair that we had to wait 25 years for the next great Bob Dylan album!
Love and Theft is indeed a brilliant album however I can't agree that we've had to wait twenty-five years for a great Dylan album check out Infidels,Oh Mercy and even his previous album Time Out Of Mind.

Ben is a great album, but I wouldn't say that he's reinvented himself. He has certainly dabbled in all of these styles in the past. It is a great album though, and he is one of the few artists that manages to put out material decade after decade that has the quality of his first decade. You can't really make that claim about too many musicians these days.
i saw dylan perform most of the pieces from love & theft this past sunday (as well as some new versions of such great songs as "visions of johanna," "masters of war" and "blowin' in the wind"). that performance leads me to believe that dylan has, indeed, reinvented or at least reinvigorated his style, his enthusiasm and his astounding musical ability. i've seen mr. zimmerman perform many times, beginning in 1963. his latest concert in denver (the 3rd so far this year) is simply the best i've ever seen. buy this album. it ranks up there with his very best. -cfb
This album is available in both vinyl and CD. Has anyone compared these?

- Eric