The best part about MQA bankruptcy..

Is going to be that we will see many fewer discussions on Audiogon about it! 🤣

Now we can all focus on hating on ASR and professional reviewers.


Yep.  People on 56K ADSL modems are absolutely the target market for MQA standalone DACs. 

The best part about MQA bankruptcy is that maybe people who don't like it or don't use it will stop bashing it. Or maybe they will keeping bitching about it for the next 20 years.

so so true...


Thanks for bringing the MQA bankruptcy news to our attention.  I have to think the sunsetting of MQA is largely based on whether TIDAL is gaining or losing subscribers to Qobuz or other hi-res music subscription services. As we all know, MQA is associated with TIDAL.

I was an early adopter of TIDAL, chiefly due to the perceived SQ advantage that MQA formatted tracks represent.  I was also an early adopter of Qobuz once it made it's way to the US and IMO there was and still is no doubt that Qobuz is a better service largely due to the high percentage of hi-res tracks Qobuz offers.

Erik, love the play on words you used on 'unfolding'.


@onhwy61 Sorry about that.  I now see you were the one that used the 'unfolding' line.  Very clever.