The best plug in filter ever!

Puron AC Power Conditioner by Greg Voth

After reading rave review of Puron AC plug in filter, I had got one 10 days ago.

For your information my system is very complicated with bi amping and three Farad linear supplies.

Thus I have 14 power cables, one main power conditioners, three isolation transformers.

I had tried plug in fliters from quiet lines, quartet stecker, IFI, furutech, Nordost Qv2 and QX2 fliters.

I still have all of them in my system without selling any of them.

I am collector. 😁

All of them had brought slight improvement but not drastic change.

But as soon as I inserted Puron Ac filter, it made background black with more details and clear bass.

The stereotimes review is spot on.

Encouraged by the result, I had ordered two more of them so that I can insert more of them close to amps and Dac.

Now my system got transformed with more vivid and clear sound stage but not overetched.

This is the best 750$ that I had spent during last 5 years in my audio system.





Perhaps not an exact answer to your question, but I am using the Purons with a Add- Powr Symphony I/O AC harmonic Resonator, and a Sorcer X4 within my system to good affect.



@normb :

i think I’ll wait for some legitimate data, not anecdotes.

What is your definition of “legitimate data” and why? Thank you



“Legitimate [test]data” vs anecdotal opinion (anecdotes are not “evidence”).


 It’s why I put a link in a comment a few posts ago referencing ASR’s review of the Furutech whatsis.

If you read (both past or present tense) it, you wouldn’t ask that question.

OK. ASR. I understand. Maybe you should not frequent this thread. Stick with ASR.


I don’t read ASR. If I did, I would only own cheap China crap