The best plug in filter ever!

Puron AC Power Conditioner by Greg Voth

After reading rave review of Puron AC plug in filter, I had got one 10 days ago.

For your information my system is very complicated with bi amping and three Farad linear supplies.

Thus I have 14 power cables, one main power conditioners, three isolation transformers.

I had tried plug in fliters from quiet lines, quartet stecker, IFI, furutech, Nordost Qv2 and QX2 fliters.

I still have all of them in my system without selling any of them.

I am collector. 😁

All of them had brought slight improvement but not drastic change.

But as soon as I inserted Puron Ac filter, it made background black with more details and clear bass.

The stereotimes review is spot on.

Encouraged by the result, I had ordered two more of them so that I can insert more of them close to amps and Dac.

Now my system got transformed with more vivid and clear sound stage but not overetched.

This is the best 750$ that I had spent during last 5 years in my audio system.




Hi Nasaman, It was the Total contact by Perfect Path which i have some left, but no longer available.

How about just one (or two) of the inexpensive “solar generators” with 3600-7200 watt pure sine wave outputs? (Charges from wall, solar panels or both. Also configurable for either only 120v or split phase or just use the 15/20a outlets on the things)

Would also serve as normal power backup when power is out… unplug stereo and use power for required loads..

They are getting better and less expensive all the time. (And no permits/electricians required unless adding the home interface box for critical loads.)

Dual use, “clean” power, equivalent price in the end and no grid power used for audio.  Just an idea..



anmd a very good idea at that...


Battery/Solar is good 


BUT is a Sine Wave the best way to send power... ;)


Thanks - Mark