The best speaker cables you’ve had

Simply put, the best you’ve owned and/or heard.


I realize that there are Far better (and much more expensive) cables than I have made or use, but I must brag about the Cat5e cables made of 27 pairs braided together. There has been much commenting on these through the years bother positive and negative. The resistance is Extremely low and when I first plugged them in on my system I had left the volume at a comfortable level and just turned to power off. When the power was reapplied I noticed AT LEAST a 3db if not much more volume increase (not power but volume). When testing the Inductance when measured these roughly 10ga cables to have an inductance that is almost immeasurable on a quality device. The Capacitance is slightly above what is considered normal but not nearly as much as some of the most expensive braided cables currently on the market. Braiding has become a norm in our current world and though NOT 27 pares braided together there is precedence for the tech.

I did replace e those after about 10 years of enjoyment and settled on Cardas 101s. These are a very well respected speaker wire and very inexpensive for the quality. There is a store somewhere in or around Chicago that sells Cardas 101 by the foot. If you are not trying to integrate $100k worth of stereo equipment I would strongly recommend these simple cables. Cardas has some of the BEST copper in the industry and these are designed on very basic and knowledgeable standards.