The best speaker cables you’ve had

Simply put, the best you’ve owned and/or heard.


Full Nordost Frey 2 loom, conditioning too. Had more upper end Nordost in the system but didn't own them. Incredible.  

8 awg copper o.f.  Standard twist. 

 Real 8 ga wire. Barely fit in my knockoff Nakamichi banana plugs. 

belden for amp to preamp


main system Groneberg pre to amp, same 8ga speaker wire

audioquest cd to pre.

the Belden ceased the radio station tweeter interference,as with audioquest it was audible.


audioquest used are topaz and quartz.


have XLR pair. 

I may test the silver cables, they did slightly boost the treble and upper mids.


While K-S Realization is in my main system, I won't be spending that for my family room with 30' runs.  I currently have double runs of 10g Audtek OFC wire from Parts Express, with nice spades I soldered.

I have now purchased 70' of Furutech Alpha FS 36 (OCC copper) bulk wire from VHAudio.  I ran the cable last night, and now need to terminate it.   I will be using this Alpha 36 run for mids and highs, keeping the 10g copper for the bass.  I will post impressions once the project is complete!