The best speaker cables you’ve had

Simply put, the best you’ve owned and/or heard.


Mogami 3103, homemade.  Replaced Analysis Plus Oval 9's which replaced everything else I have heard since the 1960's.  Outstanding speaker cables!

Kubala-Sosna Realization, which I own, and they are perhaps the most natural sounding I have heard.

Just a follow up. ''FURUTECH FS-α36 Flagship OCC HIFI Speaker Cable Fever Grade Audio'' Last week I replaced the Monoprice 4/12 cable on 1 side of my system to compare both cables. There's no compresence, the Furutech wins hands down. I loved my system setup as it was, but now, I've noticed a sense of clearness in the 1 channel.

A local dealer uses Nordost exclusively - makes every system sound better than they should,. 

I use Kimber 12TC, bi extended, clear and refined,  perfect for my system.