The best speaker cables you’ve had

Simply put, the best you’ve owned and/or heard.



How would you describe the differences between the knock off "Odin Gold" and the Silver....tonal balance, detail, top end smoothness, etc.

In my 100% SS system the silver was a bit too bright, the Gold is just a touch smoother

I am selling my best speaker cables. The Audience FrontRow. Only works with mono blocks due to the short length. I sold my monos.

+1 @danmar123 on the FS a36.  I just made and replaced my speaker wires which were generic 8g copper with new Furutech FS a36 which I terminated with Furutech gold plated spades (very nice).  I ran this pair to the high inputs, and kept the older copper pair running to the low level speaker inputs.  Big increase in clarity and resolution!  I have long runs of 25' each, so buying bulk here for this system made sense.  My other system uses K-S Realization.  Chris at VHAudio suggested this cable for this length of run.  Super nice guy.  And, my coolest upgrade was the battery (Ryobi) heat gun which made smooth work of the heat shrink I used to make pretty cables!