The best speaker for a small any price point.

I am wondering which would your choice for the best sounding speaker in a small dedicated room..say 10'X11', or maybe up to 11'X13'? Assuming that budget was not a factor!
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Harbeth, Spendor, Stirling, Falcon, etc. make those type of speakers!
I moved to a smaller room 10.5x14ft a couple of years back and worried that my Kharma 2.3ce would overdrive. Initially the fears were realised however much experimentation with placement well away from the front wall got the system to the point of acceptable. Changes upstream since have lifted the SQ well beyond that of the last property and far beyond what I'd have anticipated.

If you're limited to placement in corners Audio Note work well. Raidho standmounts can be wonderful in a small space but need some space likewise some of the smaller Kharma could work.
Klipsch Heresys with a tube amp like the Atma-Sphere M60 would be perfect. A smaller Pass amp like the XA 60.8 would also do.
You can put the Heresys right up against a wall. You can also put them up on stands at ear level. Subwoofers in a small square room will be difficult. You will certainly need room control. 2 JL Audio Fathom f112s would be fine. Put them tight into the corners of the front wall. 
+1 yogiboy! Yeah, but they sure have gotten expensive! I am glad to have gotten my Rogers cheap (under $1K) from a seller in Lithuania - of all places!