The best speaker for a small any price point.

I am wondering which would your choice for the best sounding speaker in a small dedicated room..say 10'X11', or maybe up to 11'X13'? Assuming that budget was not a factor!
Gold is here, reference 3a mm de capo anniversity edition...with copeland electronics was beyond stellar...imaging was like speakers costing 12k DE CAPO 3500..beyond awesome. 

giya is a lot better than the kaya. More natural sounding.
Dealer told me that the giya series 2 is also much better 
than the series 1 which i had for a year.

the problem i think with my giyas side firing woofer is not 
only the side wall interaction but also the excessive vib
ration to my concrete flooring due to the very low positioned
woofers coupled with my very small listening room.

So....135 posts in, is there anything approaching a consensus or just 135 different opinions based upon what the various posters own? 
@supermerio From your feedback it sounds like I would be foolish not to do a home demo of the Kaya 45. The dealer is reluctant, but it’s my money so he may have to reconsider that stance.

@spinaker01 Based on my store demos my consensus is down to the following:

Vivid Kaya 45 (ask for home demo)
Paradigm Persona 3F (already OK’ed for home demo)
TAD ME1 (no need for home demo)


have you Demoed wilson speakers?

i never thought i would own one since i was never impressed 
every time i hear it in a demo room, but in my place and my
gear; it was a different story — magnificent!  Finally found
my speakers.

my sasha 2 is much better than my previous giya g3 in my
very small listening room.