The best speaker for a small any price point.

I am wondering which would your choice for the best sounding speaker in a small dedicated room..say 10'X11', or maybe up to 11'X13'? Assuming that budget was not a factor!
The Wilson Beseech Discovery's would be my choice. Super fast and deep bass due to carbon fiber cabinet which nearly eliminates cabinet resonance. 

I also live in a small appartment, and always had issues with bass boom with ported speakers (Klischp, KEF Q900, KEF LS50), and then I bought ATC SCM 19.

ATC are the no-ported design, and can be kept very close to the wall. Mine are kept 3 inches from the front wall (with some absorption treatment), and there is absolutely no issues with bass at any volume. Obviously other components also play a very important role in tonality and how bass is managed.

Good luck
I'm currently listening to the ATC SCM 11s in my 11.5 x 12 room and while the sealed design has effectively addressed the bass boom issue, I would definitely recommend these speakers be mated to solid state gear.