The best speaker for a small any price point.

I am wondering which would your choice for the best sounding speaker in a small dedicated room..say 10'X11', or maybe up to 11'X13'? Assuming that budget was not a factor!

I also live in a small appartment, and always had issues with bass boom with ported speakers (Klischp, KEF Q900, KEF LS50), and then I bought ATC SCM 19.

ATC are the no-ported design, and can be kept very close to the wall. Mine are kept 3 inches from the front wall (with some absorption treatment), and there is absolutely no issues with bass at any volume. Obviously other components also play a very important role in tonality and how bass is managed.

Good luck
I'm currently listening to the ATC SCM 11s in my 11.5 x 12 room and while the sealed design has effectively addressed the bass boom issue, I would definitely recommend these speakers be mated to solid state gear.    
In my seemingly never ending quest to find what speakers work best in my small room, with my equipment, out are the Joseph Audio Pulsars, Joseph audio Pulsar 2 Graphenes and now the ATC SCM 11s. On to the Jean Marie Reynaud Bliss Jubilees! Anyone out there have any experience with JM Reynaud speakers? Thanks  
Hi, I've recently bought Bose 161 speakers - small, affordable, sounds great for my tiny flat. Found them here
Some guy on the other forum reccomended Bose, plus lots of reviews.
They were delivered quickly. It is my best purchase this year!
I have a dedicated 11.5x11.5x.11.5 untreated carpeted room.  I have a pair of Focal Diablo Utopia III's, with a REL subwoofer that I would recommend for a small room, especially when powered by a good tube amp.  I use a PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premier HP with them and the sound is excellent.  I have also used a pair of Pulsars instead, which are also excellent, but on balance, I think that the Focal's edge the Pulsars out in my setup with all but my collection of Led Zep bootlegs.  The bass response on the Focal's is not as dominant as with the Pulsars in a small room, so if you don't like the Pulsars, I think that the Focal's are an excellent choice.