The best speaker you ever heard?

In my opinion, the speaker is by far the most important part of the audio system. After all, it is the only part you hear. OK, the other stuff really matters a lot, but without a great speaker... No go.

I am a bit 'speaker-obsessed' I guess, and now I am wondering: What are the best speakers you have ever heard, and what made them the best?
Any one had the chance to hear these speakers eggleston-work "The Nine"and campere them to merlin vmr..?..or others..?..i already have an idea on the indra but not "The nine"will appreciate.thx.
A purely subjective answer. I have heard many that can be considered the best. I find a certain ^ 150,000 loudspeaker sterile and clinical in sound. I have heard a $15,000 loudspeaker that brought tears to my eyes...I do not mind saying that it was the Gemme Audio Katana. Sometimes, magic does exist. Now, the loudspeaker that brought me to my knees was the Infinity IRS from the 1970s. I still remember the experience to this day. THAT experience brings to mind the greatest speaker i ever heard. It was the 70s, no one had done anything like it...and if it stays with you for 30 years you know it was special.
Speaker is not the most important piece of the pie - not nearly. Take a decent, competent speaker then it is all about the source. I have seen this in practice WAY too many times.