THE best subwoofer for 60/40 HT/2CH?

I own the Velodyne F-1800II sub now. I use my gear for about a 65/35 theater to 2 channel ratio. I, as everyone, have the bug for upgrading, and considered the Muse 18 but am not sure of it's capability in HT usage. If you have any experience, thoughts, or impressions of these subs, OR ANY OTHERS, I should consider, and pretty much in any price range, I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks Dan
I looked around a lot for subs and I ended up buying an NHT SubTwo. They use two ten inch long throw drivers so they go damned loud but can move fast enough to keep up with music. They are $1200 with an external crossover, and if you want to spend about $900 more you can buy a second of the actual sub and run it off of the same crossover for stereo subs. My suggestion is to find an NHT dealer and take a listen. Also if they only have a SubOne, it is not nearly as nice so don't bother with it.
The Muse would be a downgrade. NHT's are not serious sub's. No such thing as fast bass, 40 hertz is 40 hertz. That is the speed. If you want accuracy, you already have it,if not go with your ears. Every ear is unique.
40 hertz is not 40 hertz. That is a count of how many cycles per second are made. It is a count. It is the same as saying a car made it one hundred miles in two hours. That means it averaged 50 miles per hour, not that it was always going fifty miles an hour. The physical cone of a speaker requires time to stop and reverse direction when it reaches the end of its throw (range of movement). More responsive, faster subs can make that transition master. The best analogy is that a graph of the movement of the cone looks more like a square wave than a sine wave. That is why Paradigm uses a servo motor to force the cone back into place when necessary in their top of the line Servo-15. As for NHT not making serious subs, that was true in the past, their subs were deficient, but the SubTwo was when that changed. The best advice is go listen to as many subs as you can.
find an older velodyne uld-15 with the separate amp.very fast-goes very deep[17hz]-best for both h/t and 2ch. ask any dealer who knows this sub and they'll smile when they talk about it. almost got to have servo control for movies[the begining of the movie the professional in the hotel ] will prove that with 18hz waves that make most subs beg for mercy.
Is everybody sleeping? Don't even think about another sub until you have heard any REL sub first. Nothing in my experience, including the $5000 Aeriel subs can beat the RELs'. The option of wiring them for music (line level), and home theater (with crossover) is great. This has been the only sub that didn't sound like a "sub", it sounded like a full range speaker, by perfectly keeping time with the mains. Check out, especially the Harley review of the Strata II. The same can be said, and more, of all their products.