The Best System In The World

I thought Albert Porter had gone a little overboard until I saw this one. See A mind blowing system with multiple pictures. It has a power conditioning unit that looks like a power sub station. this is on the site for the Audio Club of Athens. Does anyone else have links to other amazing systems?
Interesting audiogon's very own Mikelavigne comes in at a VERY respectable #4 :) Every time I see stuff like this its like eating a HUGE slice of humble pie- ah oh well its still fun!
For the lazy folks here, click on the links below. For those posting links, we appreciate your sharing the info, but it's NOT hard to make them "clickable". Sean

Top 10 Audio Systems

Positive Feedback
I agree that Albertporter, Mikelavigne, Jtinn, Jcbtubes and many more have incredible systems. I bet each one of these gentlemen would agree that an enjoyable system, one that makes YOU happy need not be of the standard of these fortunate members. I have heard moderate systems that put shame to systems that cost $1000s more. i think those that i have mentioned would agree. None of these simple, cost effective systems will do what an Albertporter system can do. But i would bet that these very experienced, knowledgable mentioned members would agree that little money, along with a bit of help, compatability of gear with the right speaker, room considerations, can come close to the transparency, dynamics, and tonality that these great systems offer. Close. Not comparable to these SOTA systems, but can give you some of the attributes on a smaller scale that some of these incredible systems offer. Not many if any will walk away feeling they have reached the level of an Albertporter system. But with care, help, a good room, proper setup, you may find as much enjoyment as the members mentioned. Just don't make a habbit of visiting these guy's system on a regular basis. Good sound is not that far from great sound as long as we are not talking full range, huge filling rooms. Take heart you music loving guy's and women who have more important responsibilities. There are some great systems at great values.
That Number 1 system was downright scary! An 8-way horn system, using digital source and SS electronics. Yikes!
Did you suspect the Tact Room correction system was to overcome some system shortcomings? Either way this thing is a dream on steroids.