The BEST system you've ever built !!!!

What is the best system that you have ever put together , from source to speakers including cables ??? After all the swaps and auditions I'm looking for the final "aahhh, that's the ticket" sound to you and what components took you to Audio Nirvana. {This is a survey of actual auditions, not what you read in a magazine} THANKS,
speakers totem mani-2 pro-ac -resp / or wilson audio cd player linn rega/jupiter classe cd1 -yba-california-audio amp-mark/levison conrad-jonson /art or yba
-VPI Aries w/SDS, Syrinx PU2 (rewired w/ Cardas), Benz Ruby
-Marantz CD recorder w/Adcom DAC to make it listenable - used primarily for recording
-Wright Sound Company WPL20 preamp
-Music Reference RM-200 tube/solid-state hybrid power amp
-Wilson Watt/Puppy 7 Loudspeakers
-Cardas cabling throughout

Its like a time machine that can transport you to the recorded event. Immensely fun.
Monrio Asty cd superclock
Aeron AP110 pre valve.
AeronA30:200w,30w in Cl.A
Usher CP 738.
A best Buy System:nothing better for this price:
5000 $.
The best system that I ever built is still very much under construction. But, listed below is my current system w/ the future upgrade list in tow:

- Levinson 390S

- Levinson 33H

- PS Audio P1000 Power Regenerator w/ 20A High Current Ultimate Outlet

- Revel Ultima Salons - Piano Gloss Black w/ Aluminum Sides

- Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular Rack w/ Apex footers (4 shelf version)

- Grand Prix Audio F1 Carbon Shelf

- Synergistic Research Resolution Reference X-Series XLR w/ active shielding - Interconnects

- Synergistic Research Resolution Reference X-Series w/ active shielding - Speaker Cables

- Kimber SC-VU s-video cable

- Spike Spotters - spike/floor interface

Future upgrades:

- Levinson 40 Audio/Video console
- Levinson 433 (3 channel amp for center & surrounds)
- 46" - 60" LCD HDTV
- Revel Ultima Voice Center Channel Speaker
- Revel Ultima Embrace Surround Speakers
- Revel Ultima Subwoofer
- PS Audio Ultimate Xstream Power Cable (for the 433)
- Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular Rack w/ Apex footers (two shelf base)
- Richard Gray Substation (for the 33H's)
- Synergistic Research Master Control Center

My greatest fear is that my focus will change before my system is done.