The BEST system you've ever built !!!!

What is the best system that you have ever put together , from source to speakers including cables ??? After all the swaps and auditions I'm looking for the final "aahhh, that's the ticket" sound to you and what components took you to Audio Nirvana. {This is a survey of actual auditions, not what you read in a magazine} THANKS,
I have it now. Nirvana at last- 800 Consonance monoblocks (lest you think I jest check the Blue moon award,) these amps are incredible . I never met an EH I ever liked. These are incredible, with the stock of four EH 6CA7s true tetrode each. Drivers are Mullard CV2943s and Tung Sol 5687s . The sources are a Concosonance CD player an older sacd capable model I forget but it has volume control number 2.xx going into the best darn preamp I ever heard a simple AE-3 I got for $300. My friend an engineer said let me mod it . Why we both said he said I can make it a DJH signature. OK . We both agree it didn't change the sonics much. I immediately put in my best 6SN7s in I used TS RPs but Sylvania GTs sound almost as good, not W s. Finally without going into cabeling the sound eminates from JM lab 936 Electras.
People remark how well my speakers sound now. I chukle they were broken as well some 4 years ago. They don't notice the Tube Power Amps or discount them. The pre is a speck in my audio room a vast wasteland of products tried and abandoned.
No it is not the speakers guys it's the rig. Nivana at last Nirvana at last Thank God almighty Nirvana at last. I have found what I have been lookin for now for 6 years. Except my pre has no phono but I think I stick with AES.

I was happy with the system that I aquired as a young audiophile of 17. Following a path laid down by my Father. I wanted to get the best I could afford. Then after 25 years of service the integrated died. Enter,.... what? What's that site .... Audio--- what... where are the stores ? HIgh End? what's that???!

(I don't wish to cast any aspirtions about Dr. King's final quotation and crescendo phrasing of the 1963 address in front of the Lincoln Memorial, please take no affront)
Hello Mechans & congrats on your rig.
Glad to hear that you've accomplished what
most of us tried but failed. Some of us were
not fortunate enough to have the mean$, selection, know-how
and some ( I might be one-hope not ) just enjoy the feel of self-
inflicted pain of torture. Enjoy it (while it lasts).

I also share your feelings & enthusiasm towards one of my favorite all around amplifiers - Consonance Cyber 800 monos (& other from that series).
I am not sure about their popularity these days but few years back there was very little information/reviews or feedback from the Press or users. This seems to change. Build like a tank, industrial looking and sounding on par with the best. It is very good out of the box, however like everything in life it can be improved. Some tube rolling, PC/IC choice, isolation etc. I've had my Cybers modify, tube rolled with Ampx. 6922 nos, JJ blue El34 (5687 was taken out of the circuit and bypassed with custom-design board to increase speed, transparency and effortless transition between notes. I might try Mullard's CV2943 ( what is your thoughts on those ) in the near future to replace JJs. Power cord is Morrow Audio MAP 2 ref. cable. Right now I am also building solid wood platforms for them to seat on.

My source is also Consonance - gorgeouse, curved, at 40lbs+ dedicated stand Droplet cdp 5.0. Turntables - Lenco (naked), MMF-7 replinthed with Moarch up4 arm and Denon103R cartridge and not yet finished TT "X" belt drive ( you can check out the progress in my system ).
Speakers at the moment are Vandersteen Quatro (but I keep my options open to Quads, upcoming ML, some horns, 3A Great Veena or Emerald Physics CS-2). Preamp is Granite Audio 770fp with phono section.

Like you said

It is the RIG!

And there are no two rigs alike.

It should tell you something.

Our systems are as individual and different as we are.


Enjoy the music

OK, audio freaks, here's the best I've built, and it doesn't require a lot of money, either! It's all Stan Warren equipment, beginning with an upgraded and modified Onkyo CD player, interconnected to Superphon Dual Mono preamp. interconnected to Superphon 120 amp., out to Superphon crossovers in dual 6 1/2" woofer, single tweeter cabinets, specially built. All interconnects and speaker cables by Stan, who also upgraded and modified the preamp and amp. This is the most life-like reproduction I've heard in any system, including audiophile retailers systems selling for 10K or more, and all for less than $2500.

Mr Stark I want to explain. I didn't put this together in one fell swoop it took over 5 years. The single most important contribution were the use of the Cyber 800 tube power amps. The entire line of "Cyber" from Consonace is remarkable. I opted for these because it had the most horsepower and my friend recommended them. He knows my preference for power. For another take on that subject go to and read my old buddy TRELJA'S philosophy. He help me along the way. I went bezerk with the tube collecting.
I must tell you I was always struggling pretty much buying things in excess three grand. Some how I lucked into the Electras open box very good price. Never paid full retail for any of the rig except NOS tubes which there is no retail.
I should reveal that I am an old friend of the distributor of Consonance and he always has a demo or returned item etc. so I was able to get an authorized discount but as a strict rule the price is really the price they don't play games. At the retail price as I said you are getting the best amp avaible it is a steal!!!
Why Consonance never took off is because the biggest seller was a 4 tube El 34 amp which I also own. Very reliable, very musical but not a Cyber. It simply never built up a Hi end image and it could have used the economy models to get the name out there but peoplare never thinking I eill hunt down a Consonance. If they heard our mono blocks I think they would searching the Gon this minute. They simply spank almost every amp out there. I just bought a Jadis DA 60 so my loyalty is split if that is 60 watts my 40 watt amp was really 5. I cannot get over the completely unflappable nature of that integrated. It is very pretty with the tubes I used. The bill for the matched 8 re-issue GEC Sold Lion KT-88 was almost as painful as a kidney stone. The previous owner thought he had the Svetlana Flying C but they were an admixture of counterfeited Sovteks and anything but a good tube.
Iam a tube roller and I as well was about to buy an octet of gues what the JJ E34L blue glass which has a sweet midrange.When I heard these I was stunned by the authority full range still a robust midrange and bass to die for. I called the distrbutor to ask had he used other tubes. He gave me the rundown and he saidthe Electro Harmonics were the ones. He and I are Dyed in the wool JJ fans so I asked some people on AA tubnes if they knew what could explain this. The answer is that the EH are true 6CA7s a tetrode while the EL34 or the E34L a slightly larger richer ans sweet is a Beam Pentode. I cannot explain anything more but be careful if you try JJ KT-77s they are Tetrodes as well but apparently have a minor lightening storm issue if attemptempted
As for taking out the what I call the heater, or in common parlance the 5687 I don't care for the virtual broiling heat any of them I used emit. I never felt they are slow amps unless you mean have the speed of an OTL.
The CV2493 is a hyper sturdy E88CC or 6922 to us Built for the Britsh army by Mullard. This tubne is a stark tube Mr. Stark, I like it because it is super fast clean potent and I hope will last. I bought a quartet from the only known supplier of true no BS NOS real NOS ECC88-01 that is the official name. It sounds more German than British in style but it may be a bit more money than you would want. The single pair listed on e-bay is ther real deal checkj ou the cost.
Cheers on finding Nirvana I have no real desire for any more stuff High end has gotten very high. I am wondering what they take to get that way.
Cheers and do write!
Hi Mechans,

I agree
Cybers 800 are awsome, and no need to spred the news......:)
as long as you and i know what they really are , and how they sound.

I am interested in some replacement tubes for my amps but cost is a big factor . I had a good tube source but he rised his prices to the point that it is not even funny.

If you don' mind me asking.........
what is your source?


About Joe,

yes, his thoughts and his way of thinking is on par with mine.
I believe that his is a very good guy and I have all but respect for him as a person and as an importer of fine products to US market.

Just for the record
I don't know Joe personaly and never did any business with him. It is only my opinion.

My Cybers were the show demo (during NJ show).
I bought them right there and then and they served me well ever since.

Mechans, if you want to take your system to another can have Bob Backert (he lives in PA)
perform the mod on your Cybers.

I can bet you that after Bob finish his magic , you will be amazed what was possible to squeez out of Cybers and I can tell you that it could be .....well.......your last amp(s) ever. (don't trust me.......but trust your ears)

My best friend (also an audiophile) came over the other day to listen to my new-always changing system and he was.....shocked (I am not BSing).

The only thing missing is preamp that would do them justice.
After few auditions and preamps that I bought over the last few months I have decided to give DODD AUDIO a chance and it will be arriving in a week or two. Then I will stop the crazy, expancive and long search for the best system that I can afford.
In the mid-time, I will try to put together my second(or more like 3th) system based on M&D mini speakers($1200), DECCO Peachtree($800+mod) integrated and possibly moded by Bob and Sonos wireless system($1400 multi-room setup) with power supply upgrade as the source together with my own replinthed MMF 7 turntable and Creek phono.

Take it easy and hope to hear from you ......soon :)