the best 'tubey amp - warm,smooth,liquid' ?

i'm using the word 'tube' as the meaning of warm,smooth and liquid sound.
but i could't compare to some tube amps like mcintosh(mc275), cary(cad 805), arc(vs115) and conrad-johnson(premier) at one place and the same time.
some say mcintosh lean, cary weak and not bloom, arc not tubey and cj no clarity.
i need your experiences and advices.
actually i have a difficulty to match speaker systems with.
I wouldn't go with an off branded component. If you need that soft sound go for a Mac.
"actually i have a difficulty to match speaker systems with."

What's the difficulty? What speakers? What preamplifier? What source? Budget?

Amplifier suggestions without any system information, clever.
The speaker you have will dictate what is suitable for you in terms of an amplifier. Is your speaker tube friendly? What is the impedance curve like for your speakers? Are they sensitive enough to be driven by tube amps?

Synergy of the system is very important. Not knowing the details of your system it is very difficult to give sane advise.

If I was in the market to buy a tube amp, with no nonsense engineering, sensible pricing and superb sound I would have Cayin at the top of my list. They make a variety of amps to suit every budget and power needs.

Hope this helps
If you want the system to work well with tubes, the first thing is to sort out if the speaker is OK with that. Take a look at

If your speaker is designed to work with amps that are voltage sources (Voltage Paradigm) you will do a lot of struggling to find a tube amp that will work with it.

Good Luck!
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