the best 'tubey amp - warm,smooth,liquid' ?

i'm using the word 'tube' as the meaning of warm,smooth and liquid sound.
but i could't compare to some tube amps like mcintosh(mc275), cary(cad 805), arc(vs115) and conrad-johnson(premier) at one place and the same time.
some say mcintosh lean, cary weak and not bloom, arc not tubey and cj no clarity.
i need your experiences and advices.
actually i have a difficulty to match speaker systems with.
thanks for many tips and knowings, everybody.

my speaker system is 'dali hellicon 800' - 4ohm needed 400watt amp power.
power amp is 'mcintosh 275'
preamp is 'jeff rowland synergy'
source is 'dynaco pro'

some said 300b amp will be the best for 'warmth'
but i'm afraid that it won't be enough to drive power hungry speakers like dali800 or b$w 802.

anybody objection to use chinese shuguang kt88 tubes for better warm sound?

thanks again
You need to check this thread out as it discusses about pairing with different amps and comments from users.

Sorry if you already had seen it in which please disregard the post.
I dislike using these threads for what should be a personal email so I apologize if this offends: Zabiaud, I have a conrad johnson Premier V that might meet your needs - if your near Chicago.
Here you go.

If you're reading this and rolling your eyes right now its quite understandable. The fact is, if you love your difficult to drive dynamic speakers as well as the presentation that only tubes can give-but the thought of large, hot, and expensive tube amplifiers is not appealing then...

The 180s or the 305s are a welcome alternative. They run substantially cooler than my 75 watt ultra linear, bias once and forget it, feedback selection for modern or warm sound, point to point wiring, no plugs or wire boards, no pricey casework, 2 ohm tap, and made by hand in the USA.

So what do they sound like? Well, ultimately, as everything in this hobby that'll be up to you. I'm thrilled with mine? What they don't sound like is solid state or switching amplifiers yet they have wonderful mid bass and surprisingly good deep bass.

I found more answers at 770-667-5633.