The Big Ayon Triton KT-88 Int Amp- tube rolling?

I am quite pleased with the stock tubes, however am wondering if any Ayon Triton owners have tried anything other than the Gold Lion Re-issued KT-88's? As for the input tubes, how about the RCA 12au7's- tried anything else?

**And as a sidebar- as this is an integrated with Direct preamp input option, has anyone actually tried to add another preamp in front of it with good results?
Quite reassuring.

It has been reviews of these sort that have made me plunge into the tube arena with the Ayon Triton. Could not settle for anything else since, i wanted to avoid the tension of speakers. BUT i shall certainly go the way for better speakers in terms of higher sensitivity than B&W 805, in sometime.

Thanks for sharing ur bit.
My new TRITON II replaces my old AIRTIGHT ATM2(sold) which itself replaced my former AR Classic60.(it's equipped wth original KT88 and 12AU7,i will try KT120 later on)
It's been a hard work to optimize the interconnects (between my Weiss DAC2 CD DA converter and the Triton)and the speaker wires(bi-amp of Duntech prince's)
If the wires are not optimized,the result is bad.
The speaker's (-)has been made in flat siltech, the low (+) in pure silver 0.6 mm diameter,le high (+) in litz wire(12X0.1 + 3X0.2mm),all wires bein separated to avoid "proximity effect"which leads to losing transparency.(minimum length)
Bass extension is depending from the section of interconnects mass (i use assymetric),the best being 6X0.1litz + 2X26AWG silver plated wrapping wire,the (+)being in litz wire(24X0.04 +6X0.1).
The result is the best ever obtained at home, almost no sibilance,minimum medium hardness even on red book CD's,extended highs ,"infrasonic" lows,lack of fatigue in long listening,good dynamics, wide and deep scene.Voices are purer than with the AIRTIGHT,details go deeper than with the AIRTIGHT,and highs are more extended.I prefer the pentode mode,since scene is wider than on triode,and dynamics slightly more free,triode creates a more(very pure) "intimate" mood.
Sturdy amp,i am happy,the sole potential serious contenders being the new AR's VA115 or REFERENCE110 equipped with KT120,not compared,which-may be-could offer higher dynamics?
stay withe the Genalex KT88. I switched out the 12au7's with old Phillips from Upscale Audio. Got a little more bass and female vocals were a tad better too.
Try TUNGSRAM 12AU7's. You can get them through AYON or go to the internet for half the price. I paid the AYON price just to be certain I have certified tubes that are carefully matched and conditioned. KT88's is another matter. I am currently using SHUGUANG "BLACK THEASURES". Wonderful sounding tube once broken in but there is a lingering unreliability issue. So, - - what AYON has done is to manufacture their own KT88'S in their European tube plant. AYON claims they will sonically out perform any KT88 available today with "tank like" reliability. They had better be relaible at $225.00 ea.

Haven't heard them yet, but I know that AYON has spend several years in development and testing with almost 100% results. By the way, they are doing the same thing with the 12AU7's. Don't know when they will be available.