The Big Misconception About Electricity

This vid goes quite a ways down the road to explaining why:

1)  Power cords make a not so subtle difference.

2) Cable elevators should not be looked at askance.


Regards, barts


@femoore12 ,

We could but  'know it alls' have a capacity for disregarding what is outside of their belief system.


However given human nature there are those who will tell you with conviction that they are immune to biases that affect all humans, they are special golden ear humans.


I don't think it's golden eared at all for some. I think it is pure training.. Mechanics teach new mechanics what to listen for.. There is a lot of well trained mechanics that can hear a malfunctioning piece of equipment 1/2 mile away. YET some people standing right next to a failing piece of GRINGING metal and can't hear or feel a thing.. They aren't trained, so guess who shows up.. The guy who fixes things..

Mr djones51 you just haven't been trained to tell the difference..

300k piece of equipment, do you really think bias anything comes into play when you FIX a piece of equipment. It is either fixed right or it is not.. It either sound RIGHT or it doesn't..

Mechanics 101, "To thy own self be true". There is no crying in mechanicin', you are the last guy there.. No one else.. Your EARS better be golden.. LOL


My wife and sister and maid make video in pool house tonight. All agree that the black mamba sound best and have combination of rigid and size that make good WAF too.

The video isn't relevant to lumped circuits, speakers wires, interconnects etc..