The Big Misconception About Electricity

This vid goes quite a ways down the road to explaining why:

1)  Power cords make a not so subtle difference.

2) Cable elevators should not be looked at askance.


Regards, barts


I hope that the 4 last science articles i presented, nevermind the Tesla matter, are so interesting that i will be forgive to inhabit the thread to defend the reputation of a great man.... 


Don’t let these children distract you, the information you have presented is fascinating 🙏🙏 @mahgister

The only thing this guy has convinced me of is to never vote again, and I am very thankful for that.



Just received the POWER QUEST 2.....Audioquest Power conditioner from Audio Advisor @ $200............................WOOOOW plugged my Belles Int. ..Ares II DAC and CEC CD Transport into it to basically protect from surges...BUT.....My soundstage and the Holographic change it made was unbelieveable. I was looking for new speakers....Now I don't need them. Best upgrade I've made in years.

As for electricity, why pay for something you can't see?

By the way, has anyone seen that robot that's cruising Audiogon if so report him immediately!