The Bold. The Outrageous. The Projects You've Done. And, the One's You Shouldn't Have.

When the curousity of your inner 9-year-old and strokes of genius converge at the same point in space and time, the results can be ... well ... interesting.

When my first wife decided to "upgrade" to an out of work, bankrupt construction worker in 1986, I needed a distraction. So, I decided to check a box on my "bucket list" and build a speaker. After several months, I got the things making "good noises", applied for and received a patent for the design. They’ve got lots of sonic "warts", but I’m happy that my second wife has tolerated the 6’-4" Alpine white towers, and me, for the past 31 years. By the way, I have nothing against construction workers. I was raised in a machine shop and smelled like cutting oil when I got off work.

I’ve got other projects to add, but want to see if this topic gets some traction first.

A hint of things to come(?)

The Man Pit: Outdoor Musical and Visual Entertainment

Premium Power Cable -- Special Orville Ridenbacher Edition

7.1 Home Theater in 30" x 30" British Phone Booth

Your turn.



Okay, you win.

Great pics. Looks like your “help” is well qualified. “Heads and shoulders” above other contractors I’ve used.

I really was attempting to stay within the discipline of high performance audio. A high end power cable on a microwave may have been a bit of a stretch.

Thanks for sharing your project. You’ve got skills!!

Built a 10' X 10' X 4" plateform for a basement stereo just not to be on a concrete floor.

Thanks.  I can wire a house, but I can't build an amp.  I get lost in all the teck jargon thrown around in a lot of posts.  Luckily, my ears don't care.  😁