The Canadians that visit the site

It would be helpful to know who else lives in the Great White North, certainly make buying/selling/trading gear a little easier without worrying about our good friends at Canadian customs trying to take more hard earned money from us. I'm in Montreal, email addy is
I have a suggestion on how our friends in the great white north could quickly identify themselves:
Everyone adds an *, EH?* to the end of their user name like, for example - Jeffloistarca, eh?
Angela - I guess the same could be said of Americans and their frequent use of Unhunh (sic)...
Angela, perhaps it would be better if we only included 60%-70% of our monikers and 60%-70% of our opinions in order to reflect the real value of our dollar. That would mean we would call you either Angel or Ange, depending on the commodities market values. Let us know which you prefer. --Lorne.