The Cartridgeman Isolater.

This device get sandwiched between the cartridge and
the arm and could potentially bring down the noise floor
by 3db.
Has anyone here tried it ?
I woud be curious to know about the specific qualitative
influences it might had brought to your sound.
I also wonder what is the principle at work.......

I know the Koetsu's luv mass. I had a 3gm headshell weight on prior to using the 2gm isolator. The added mass has nothing to do with the big change the isolator brought to the musical equation.

I have also played around with blu tack extensively, on the headshell and strategically placed along the arm tube. It does make a differences but only in certain frequencies and is cartridge dependant. It added bass weight to my system, however also made the tempo more clumsy and lumpy with the koetsu.
The isolator changed all the frequencies for the better and has made the top to bottom coherence so much musically better.

funny I have now received my 2nd isolator to put onto the other arm wand with my dyna xv-1. BUT I am in no hurry to do it. the system is sounding that nice with the isolator/koetsu combo.

Anyway, it is very easy for all of us to be critical of something seemingly simple that many of us can "somewhat replicate" at home.
For me proof is in the listening and the isolator is THE BEST $150 I have ever spent on my hi fi.
With all the money we spend on out hi fi, especially cables and tweaks, the $150 on the isolator is trivial if it works in your system - like it has for me.


If anyone wants to see the new version of the isolator see attached link of it with my Koetsu.

I wonder what the isolator would sound like with the Denon 103?
There have been many reports that the Denon benefits from less than rigid coupling - ie only tightening mounting bolts just enough to hold the cartridge in position.
Any isolator users tried this cartridge?
I'll try my 103r with an isolator in the next few weeks and advise. If it does the same for the denon that it did for my Koetsu the denon will sound sensational. But, then again it may not.
How bout you try one on your jubilee and let me know. I don't want to take it off my Linn / naim arm as the naim arm is too small for the isolator,

You have me slightly convinced. Can you get a Jade to try with it on a non unipivot arm. Just kidding. I stopped listening to Vinyl recently. Breaking in my EMM CSSAse. Much better now after a lot of play time. Still not Vinyl. I need to break in my 103R but I love the SQ Universe combo way too much. I will check w. TW re: some feedback on the isolator as he tried it as well. I like that it will allow me to change my VTA and raise up my arm giving me some additional latitude.