The Curious Case of the Technics Integrated Digital Amplifier

Found this little tidbit, on Technics releasing a new digital (and I use the term correctly, but arguably) 70W/channel integrated amplifier.

Probably the best source of information is here.

Lots of curious things here.

  • Why so little power in such a large (for Class D) device?
  • There's no mention of the GaN FET's as in the Technics SE-R1.
  • They DO keep the phase/amplitude matching circuit of the SE-R1, but if the review is to be believed, does not make up for the other shortcomings.

Yes, this is a Class D amplifier, but Technics calls it a Digital amplifier, and based on how the signal is manipulated in the digital domain, so do I. There's a separate thread for this discussion, it's by invitation only, so lets focus people! :)

The reviewer describes the sound much like I have found old Onkyo and Emotiva to sound. Perfect and gutless, so I have to wonder if this is a specific DAC or ADC conversion that's going awry here?


Well,  I guess I'm behind the times, the review is from 2015, when was the SE-R1 released?
The one you refer to is the European version (SU-C700) and not the one sold stateside. The one sold here is the SU-G700. It looks slightly different and it looks like there is a lot in common but I can’t say for sure.I was interested in the one sold here but only found one review of it.

Here is a review from Andrew Robinson of Home Theater Review.

He really likes it and I believe he kept it. There’s also a YouTube video done by him:

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Technics offers three tiers of ' performance ' Premium, Grand, and Reference and all three Classes appear to offer variations on the Basis of Hybrid High-Speed Linear Power Supply, JENO Engine, and GaN-FET Power Chips.
If you check the spec for SU-G30 Integrated it specifies GaN-FETs.
The Power Output for each Class is on the low side for an Amp with the SE-R1 at 150 WPC @ 8 Ohm being the most.
As for sound; Silent, Refined, and Resolving.
From Technics:  Delivering a sound with a rich spatial expression.
Not gutless definitely not.
Maybe not so curious after all.
Contemporary perhaps. 
The only issue I have with the SU-G700 is that all of the analogue signals are processed through it's A/D or D/A converter. Not preferable for vinyl fans. Makes me wonder what happens when the matching SL-G700 SACD/Streamer is hooked up to the amps RCA inputs. Is the analogue signal then going through the D/A converters in both the player and the amp? Seems odd. I guess there other all-in-one units that do this too. The Naim Uniti range being an example.