The D'Appolito, MTM Configuration

One speaker technology which is I think old but hasn't gotten the praise it deserves is the Joseph D'Appolito configuration.  In short, it uses a tweeter vertically sandwiched between two midwoofers.  Using two actual midranges is a variation on the theme. 

What got me thinking of this was the $220,000 speaker pair that appeared on Stereophile's coverage of the Florida Audio Expo, which made me think, fondly, of the original, 1980's era  Focal Utopia where I first heard this arrangement. 

It's a very good arrangement for those who love detail and want a speaker that's relatively easy to live with.

How about you? Have a pair of D'Appolito-like speakers ever won you over?


What speakers appeared on Stereophile cover?

Too many to mention them all. Most recently did a pair of SVS Ultra for a friend. A classic design that sounds incredibly good for a very reasonable price.

@erik_squires "How about you? Have a pair of D’Appolito-like speakers ever won you over?"


Yep, for the past 30 years. Three pairs of custom design and build, before I concluded this was it for me. Kept my last set, final build. No need for anything else. Love the sound. 👍

I really liked the Joseph Audio RM25s, but JA doesn’t seem to use the D'Appolito design anymore.

Reference the classic two slit experiment to better understand the ramifications…. of course it’s worse in 3D…. but …..