The day the music died.

50 years tomorrow. R.I.P.
Still one of may favorites...if my information / memory is correct - he had recoded all of that music in only an 18 month time span. Wow, you just have to wonder what we all selfishly missed out on.....also, in that era of music in a sort of way -Patsy Cline....what a voice, and you have to also wonder there as well.
I was surprised when I read that Bob Dylan attended one of Buddy's last concerts three days before his death.
The plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson. February 3rd, 1959.

Immortalized in the song "American Pie" by Don McLean.

"But February made me shiver
with every paper I delivered
bad news on the doorstep
I couldn't take one more step.
I can't remember if i cried
when i read about his widowed bride
but something touched me deep inside
the day the music died."
I was into Holly when my sisters were into Elvis. I wouldn't be into music today if not for his music.
Who "lost" the coin toss when Richie Valens "won" the last seat on the plane?
It was Tommy Allsup who lost the coin flip with Valens. Waylon gave up his seat to ther Big Bopper

I bought a box LP set several years ago which includes most everything Buddy ever recorded. Does anyone know of something similar available on CD?

Elvis was bigger than Buddy, but I will always think that Buddy had a much greater influence (and still does) on music and rock.
I have that box (The Complete Buddy Holly) as well.When MCA released it they claimed it was everything.Within months they "found" some more material which became the LP "For the First Time Anywhere".Recently someone gave me a 5 CD-R boot set.Seems to have twenty minutes worth of either Radio announcements of the plane crash or Station IDs.However the most interesting thing to me are the multitudinous versions of RnB tunes reworked into a fusion with country music.Holly seemed to really make it work for me,more so than the Everly's or their later imitators The Flying Burrito Bros.As for the oft asked question "What would Buddy have done given the opportunity?" He was working on pop drivel when he passed.If he couldn't get away from that he may have ended up doing the Superbowl halftime show like the rest of the hasbeens.
Buddy's two biggest quantifiable achievements:

1 - Being the first pop/rock star to write his own material

2 - popularizing the standard 4-piece rock band setup.

Favorite song: Everyday

No Buddy = nothing would be as it is

I'm sure you all know that the Beatles took their name from the Crickets.
I read an interview with Lennon in which he said "the Beatles" is derived from the word "beat". They keep the beat.
But his earlier band, The Silver Beatles, may have come from the Crickets. Lennon was definitely into Buddy's music.
My guess is if The Beatles were taken from the Crickets, it would have most likely been spelled, The Beetles.
But what do I know, I'm just a hillbilly from Oregon.
All we know is Reggae- Louie Louie.
The Beetles was the original name in tribute to Buddy Holly.

It was Stuart Sutcliffe's idea not John Lennon's. This is well documented.

It was later changed to the Beatles as a play on words.
"True Love Ways"--theaudiotweek brought that cut to my attention back in 1988, as I recall. Though somewhat of a peripheral fan, I had missed how well that was recorded. Truly amazing.

Yes I recall your reaction that day. Funny what we sometimes remember and hold onto.We demo'd on Essence 10's.. 2'3rd's of the way back on the left side of the store.

Have several versions of "True Love Ways". One of these versions has a short spoken intro recorded well off to the right side detached from that speaker where you can sense clearly the producer being in a different room and airspace from the band. Its rather spooky. Tom
That's the cut we listened to--the producer speaking that disembodied voice from the other room, in different 'air space'...

Plus, some idiot engineer forgot to turn on the magic 'effects buttons and knobs' and Buddy had to sing it without layers and layers of added echo and noise--so we had to listen to an almost unprocessed Buddy.
Peggy Sue is one of my top ten favotite songs of any genre. I had never heard ryhtmn like that before.

I saw Buddy w/ The Crickets lip sync it on American Banstand in . . . what? . . . 1957?
It was Waylon that lost the coin toss. He lived with a horrible memory until his death...... he jokingly said " I hope the plane crashes"...... This was after Buddy said "I hope you freeze on that bus"...... Wasn't heated.

Now, just don't make me listen to that god awful "Bye Bye Ms American Pie"............
Good to know that there are a few sentimental old-farts on this site. Hell, I am still mourning Beethoven.