The DOORS 45's- Any standouts sound wise?

I have the S/T, Strange Days, and LA Woman. Of the 3, I feel QRP nailed it with Strange Days. I like LA and the S/T very much, but Days stands out IMO. I am curious how others feel, and also want to check out Morrison Hotel and/or Waiting for the Sun. Cheers -Don
I have the entire box and like them all. The best sounding three in my opinion are Strange Days, Morrison Hotel and Soft Parade.
Good deal, thanks Sonofjim. I am looking for a reason to buy Morrison Hotel. I played my RED label MH last night, and it sounds great. Oh- this crazy hobby!
I have the box set too. Morrison Hotel is absolute killer sound wise,The Spy,Indian Summer are so involving now. I haven't listened to the others yet,I have Hoffman's remasters for S/T,Strange Days,Waiting for the Sun and L.A. Woman and I have listened to them in the past. Anxious to see if the 45 of Waiting for the Sun is better than Hoffman's.