The Doug Macleod appreciation thread

I own several of Doug Macleod's recordings. All are superb IMHO. The RR releases are probably/possibly the best sounding, although I also really like the releases he did with Audioquest. Tonight, I am listening to 'You can't take my Blues' on the tremendous JVC XRCD re-release of the Audioquest original. Incredible sound and music.
Ok, let's have your choices....
Doug MacLeod is The Man. The blues master. Songwriting, guitar playing, vocal talent, the man has it all. 
Really clean recordings. I enjoy Macleod and Harry Manx for the original and best in acoustic blues.
I know this thread is aging fast.  What a great thread though.  I just had to pop in late to the Doug MacLeod party.  

I bought a $10 Doug MacLeod video guitar lesson a year ago.  It was amazing.  Because of my skill level, I scooped up about 3-4 things that are now metabolized in my playing--despite the fact that he dosed out 3-4 hundred nuanced guitar moves.  

He seems committed to the passionate principle, Believe every note you play.  

Now, to the sound quality.  Wow.  His records sound gorgeous.  Robert Johnson would've killed for this sound quality. 
It's 3 months later and I'm still hanging out here alone in the Doug MacLeod appreciate thread!  At least I have him playing over the hifi.  Cheers!