The Dude by TRL

Has anyone heard the scuttle-butt on this new preamp? The Dude is a one box vacuum tube line stage preamplifier with a tube regulated power supply that feeds a dual mono design with 6SN7 driver tubes through a stereo stepped attenuator. The Dude ships with Sovtec 6SN7's, but I heard it sounds better using RCA Red Base 5692's instead. Word is, it will give most of the competition a serious kick in the pants at 3,500.00. One dealer stated it crushed a top of the line Cary in his showroom that went for close to 7,000. I don't believe "The Dude" was at the show . The fact that they are out with a proprietary tubed circuit product, for way under the normal tens of thousands, is remarkable. I have their SST-225 amp on order and may link it up with this new preamp. Please advise!
I happen to have TRL SST-225 and Dude Pre. They are as transparent and musical pieces of gear as it gets with all audiophile adjectives. I am exploring a remote option with Paul in the mean time.
Saisunil: Did you compare the Dude to any other preamps, I ask because I was told that the Dude features a circuit that closely resembles the other larger more expensive Tube Research models and I just want to make the right choice. Not much out there as of yet on this out of the gate, new uncut jem yet.
I compared Dude to UK built Talk Eelctronics 3.1 Ref Preamp. Needless to say I like Dude better but Talk Electronics Pre is no slouch - it is just not very well known in in the US.

Paul said that that dude comes very close more than 95% close to the much more expensive previously released TRL Gold Ref Pre. Paul said that you can bring it even closer by doing some tube rolling.

I'd say Dude is the best kept secret in the Pre-amp world :) I have found the end of my pre-amp journey.