The dumbest stereo experience ever!

Hello all. I went through a divorce 20 years ago. I really needed to convert some equipment into cash. I sold amongst other things my prized Sony TC 880-2 open reel recorder. I had a lengthy conversation with the buyer typical of us lovers of gear. I told him my situation and he said he would sell it back to me when I got backĀ on my feet down the road. OK, fair enough. I lost track of him as this was pre Audiogon. I managed to locate him five years later. Someone informed me that he had 125 open reel decks and his wife wouldn't let him buy any more. (terrible woman!) I got him on the phone and after another lengthy chat I asked him if I could buy it back. He didn't want to sell it back as he said he didn't evenĀ have time to play with it yet. OK, I thought; I'm a horse trader. SURELY I have some bargaining power. I have many studio open reel tapes. I could trade him some of them plus cash in exchange for the Sony back. I asked him what kind of music he listened to. Here is what he said "Oh, I don't listen to music. I just like to watch the reels go around". I was dumbfounded. I told him to have a nice day and I hung up the phone. Can anyone top this one? Joe
Call him back. If his wife answers leave her a message offering 8 grand for it back and for her to have him call you. Remind her of the shoe sale this weekend in her area. Then don't answer your phone.
I am wondering why anyone would offer to buy a piece of stereo gear from someone they don't know with the option for them to buy it back when they get on their feet, isn't that the MO of a pawn shop?

Once I answered a WTB ad to sell a component. After preliminary communication, I quoted a price. He made a counter offer. Then I gave a total price to include PayPal fees and shipping. Obviously he got confused as he then offered my total price plus an additional amount for fees and shipping. I was baffled, however, I did say, we have a deal.