The Emperor Has No Clothes!!

Read a post the other day where someone characterized a server/streamer as “sweet and tube-like sounding”.  It read like a parody.  Am thinking of starting a company based on tube rectified power supply for network switch.  Crowd funding?


….. and yet…. just try to unhear the tube power supply on a fantastic German direct drive TT……


And some people wax poetic about Mad Dog 20-20…


So…first off…I was the one who made that comment. It was in a discussion involving Benchmark DAC, preamp and amp. Having owned Benchmark DACs in the past, including the same exact model that OP uses in his system, and being familiar with a Benchmark sound, I made the following comment based on my experience with both that DAC model and the streamer the OP was interested in…




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One more thing to add…I think the very resolving, dynamic but sweet/tube like sounding N200 with the right digital cable and power cord will greatly complement the DAC3. That’s why I stated it will be a good match.


I’ve owned enough tube gear to know the sound characteristics. I’ve also owned enough streaners to know they sound different. The introduction of the Aurender streamer into my system introduced a very natural and sweet tone that reminds of good tube gear.

What analogy would be more to your liking? May be stating that the streamer has analog like sound? But it doesn’t…it lacks pops, ticks and farts. So that was my choice of words.

You seem to have some sort of a grudge here with both the fact that streamers can sound different and that I can hear it and call it out.

Now that we got that out of the way, @mdalton, the only parody here is that you have picked this as a subject of a dedicated thread. I am truly honored to live in your head rent free - I enjoy the spaciousness although it echoes there terribly and there’s a bad draft of wind.


gosh, a lot of anger there.  I actually didn’t remember who said it; didn’t really matter, as it’s just a metaphor for what I see as a broader problem with the hobby. are you saying you want to invest in my company?

Anger? No. Not at all. I actually got a good laugh out of it.
But…I took the time to clarify my statement and add some context to it.

Your comments about opening a company…man I don’t know looks kind of low grade and not very original …was hoping you can do better than that…