The Emperor Has No Clothes!!

Read a post the other day where someone characterized a server/streamer as “sweet and tube-like sounding”.  It read like a parody.  Am thinking of starting a company based on tube rectified power supply for network switch.  Crowd funding?


But seriously, it’s stuff like this that make all of us the deserving objects of ridicule from our non- audiophile friends.  I’m convinced that confirmation bias is the dirty little secret in all our lives that we need to acknowledge before we can move on.

Anybody who thinks they’re immune is in denial.  On another thread recently, I posted the following:

“one more point: confirmation bias is alive and well in car performance, just like audio.  Case in point: I have had numerous instances where, right after getting my car washed, I experience this compelling sense that my car handles better - swear to god!  Why?  Well I’ve just spent an insane amount of money - $36 most recently, before tip! - and now my pride and joy looks beautiful.  I’m feeling good, and I’m focused on this amazing machine’s performance in a way I hadn’t during the dog days of January and early February when I kept putting off cleaning the car.  So I have an enhanced appreciation of my car’s performance, even though that performance has not changed one iota.  It happens every time, even though I know it can’t be real!  That’s confirmation bias, and that’s why I’d be a fool not to consider measurements!

last point (maybe?) thank god the car wash hasn’t started a marketing campaign that their special mix of soap and wax improves the performance of my S4 and Golf.  My god, I might be willing to pay them thousands!!!!!”


Let’s actually discuss this. Has nobody else ever experienced this, or something like it?



Few things to remember and take into consideration…

You don’t need to justify anything to your non-audiophile friends - the less they know the better it is for them and you, unless they express interest getting into this hobby. This works the same way with watches, cars, guns, etc….whatever someone is into. The non-audiophiles won’t even understand why in today’s world you would go and buy a special vinyl record or an SACD when you can this album from Apple Music thru your earbuds and be as happy as a clam.  
Don’t volunteer the information to your non-audiophile friends and you will never be ridiculed - it is, from every aspect, a loosing proposition. Moot point.


Confirmation bias is a two way street - it works both for and against. However, some of us are in this hobby long enough to have an approach to auditioning components (and that includes cables) that minimize the effects of confirmation bias.

Confirmation bias, your brain playing tricks on you…all these standard lines are used by those who either 1) can’t hear; 2) never heard and have no experience, and 3) can’t afford to own

To those, once again, no one owes any explanation or justification.


And yes my car always feels better after the car wash. I have a monthly plan that I pay $40 for and it includes unlimited full service car wash. My ride is kept clean. And trust me it doesn’t feel better after because I have spent $40 for unlimited car wash. It feels better because it was vacuumed, the dust was wiped off the dashboard and instrument panel, the windshield is clean on both sides(better and clearer view) and the paint is shiny. I think that’s pretty simple. Don’t see any mystery here. 

As I said, anybody who thinks they’re immune is in denial.  Other thoughts?

No one is immune to confirmation bias. Key is to be able to not rush to judgment, spend enough time to gauge the differences, if any, and only then draw your conclusions. You seem to think that this could not possibly be the case and you’re looking for a confirmation of your confirmation bias. Anyone is welcome to chime in. But you will get participants from both camps. Your confirmation bias won’t be indisputably confirmed.