The Emperor Has No Clothes!!

Read a post the other day where someone characterized a server/streamer as “sweet and tube-like sounding”.  It read like a parody.  Am thinking of starting a company based on tube rectified power supply for network switch.  Crowd funding?

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Thanks for your comments.  On your last point, I would like to apologize for my tone.  I did mean to mock an idea, not a person, but I can see how it came off the same way; I’m sorry.  And hobestly, I did mean to be click-baitey, but maybe that was a bad decision.  My intention - however poorly executed - was to provoke an earnest discussion.  

@mdalton it seems like this is becoming personal to you with the way you react to what I say. about what I say. 
Let’s just agree to disagree. You don’t seem to like servers and streamers and you are convinced they all sound the same. That’s fine. 
I don’t like licorice - and I don’t participate in licorice forums. 

@lalitk Agreed! make it .04 cents now. 

 Based on @mdalton posts, I don’t see why anyone should give any credence to OP opinions on streamer/server…he is a hard core Vinyl enthusiast and he will never pursue or ever concede to a notion that a SOTA streamer/server can outperform a Vinyl setup. Just my .02 cents.