The Emperor Has No Clothes!!

Read a post the other day where someone characterized a server/streamer as “sweet and tube-like sounding”.  It read like a parody.  Am thinking of starting a company based on tube rectified power supply for network switch.  Crowd funding?


This is what my first dreamed stereo system was looking like ( in fact all the pieces of my first system wasin one furniture box) 😁 when i thought that this was the dreamed Hi-Fi upgrade with no knowledge about mechanical and electrical embeddings controls devices at the times and no acoustics knowledge at all ...

Things are not so much different today when people are focussed on gear piece price tags more than on the relation between gear pieces(synergy) and the room acoustic content and your head-ears-brain characteristics..

Then it is not suprizing that the vocabulary used in audio threads revolved around gear pieces descriptions as if the gear own all sound perceived qualities , described as S.S. or Tubes or vinyl like or digital like etc ...😊


 As i said  above there is FIVE vocabularies different dictionaries  in audio, pick the right one and dont conflate them all ...

For the record, I really love my server and all 4 of my streamers.  I almost never participate in the vinyl vs. digital debates because it is all so system dependent.  I am often amazed at how good my digital side sounds, even though I prefer my vinyl.  And I’m willing to entertain the possibility that my preference for vinyl might be a case of confirmation bias.  I’m ok with that.  A good friend, who is a very high-end digital-only guy recently came to my house to listen to some tunes on one of my two better systems.  He made an observation about how much he preferred my vinyl vs. the digital side in that system.  I didn’t say anything, but I did not hear the same limitation he did on the digital side.  It is quite possible that he was experiencing his own case of confirmation bias cuz he knows I’ve spent more energy - and money - on the vinyl side of that system.  Who knows? But it’s certainly not worth arguing about, to me anyway.  


@mdalton I am in agreement with you here.  I think it is proper advice , especially to less experienced readers, to point out the over-the-top praising that some posters offer regarding the life changing returns on their equipment.  

Others have suggested that something is amiss with you or your equipment if you don't agree with them.  We all know the type: very superior with respect to their own opinions.  Where is the humility? 

Regarding cars, I have a 2004 Infiniti G-35 that I enjoy zipping around in.  I do have a different take regarding car washing.  I prefer to not remove the protective layer of road film.  This is much more protective than a coat of wax. You end up with a repellent coating made up of the typical, primarily oil based road droppings.  I don't worry about the salt treatment that we contend with here in the winter, it can't penetrate to the paint.  Were I to wash this protectant away, I could see the rust forming.  This is absolutely an astounding auto care revelation.  Forget wax, polish, Armor All, undercoating, etc.  Not in the same class.  I've been doing this for years, so I am very, very qualified to make this determination.

If you don't agree with me, you are obviously unintelligent, inexperienced, and so insecure that you have to prop yourself up with shinyness.  Plus you have too much money to appreciate my invaluable, lower class redneck opinion.






































































I've been into high performance cars and audio since the 60s, and can say without hesitation that after I wash a car it goes faster. Dirt particle drag? I suppose...Also note that I never wash my audio gear...a little dusting...damp cloth to remove a smudge...