The extinction of human interaction takes yet another step forward...

I hate even thinking this, but as we “progress” in “society” it sure seems like each step “forward” brings us closer and closer to becoming the “Borg” from Star Trek where everything happens in your head and personal interaction becomes less necessary and thus more foreign.  I hope this stops or at least slows down at some point and the value of human interaction surfaces as something we want to preserve.  I find it sad, however, that this seems more of a hope than an eventuality the way things are going everywhere — even in audio.  Ugh.  Thoughts?

While social media and the pandemic have pushed social interaction to the background. I think there will be a strong rebound. We are social animals. I was an executive for most of my career in global companies. For instance in logistics… you have a picture of what you think is going on… have many conference calls… then fly to Portugal, or China and WTF. What you find out is completely different. Then people. Managing a global project… you want to effectively get something done… you look the guy in the face and have dinner and talk about his family… then when stuff gets behind, you call him and you know him, he knows you… there is no substitute. $5K or $7K for a trip to Japan or Singapore is completely worth it.

I chose business as an example, it is a really high cost example… but people want to be in the company of people. Work will change to limit costs by more work at home… but not entirely. It is our species strength… it is why we dominate the earth. Hopefully it will not also be our downfall.

People are social animals and when we get the pandemic under control people will flood back out to interact.
@dabel....(....sorry, had to....)

"Are we not men?  We are DEVO!"  And the divergence is....more concerning, and on occasion disturbing....

Well, some audio ('av'...ok...) shows, 'meet 'n greets', occur if only to draw the minority ('us', if you will) into interactions that either serve to get a name, a product, or some business drawn in.

We're a very small slice of the pie chart.

AXPONA and the like may be doomed by the tech not of its' making, and I'm not referring to CV or what may lie in wait ahead in that surreality....

VR with your personal headphones might be in (if not yours) the future.  A 'live audio feed' from an array of calibrated mics that, like your video view, allow you to move about, 'sit down' in a sweet spot, turn your 'head' 360x,y,z....

Or, travel to another city for a show that hyped an extravaganza and delivered a wet mop to the ears and eyes....and even a drink at the hotel bar costs as much as half of the bottle that 'contributed to it'....

...however blandly.....   Even for a brew, FGS....🤦‍♂️😒

Some might want to actually want to meet me IRL, if only to toss me over a railing.  Others, a nod, secretly dispatched...

"Happy Hour" name tags can be dangerous, dependent upon how one is perceived.... ;)
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@ho249.....I suspect that organizing even an online event has 'upfront' costs, if only for the electricity used and those that burn it.

$25 for a nice 6 pack isn't unusual anymore, and PTV movies are stretching for that.....;)

Think of it as 'infotainment', as it goes down better...*L*