The fascination of vintage hi-fi: A Look Back

Is “top class” always “top class”? Not that easy to answer. By definition, a spike is the end of something. Whether with class or without it doesn't matter, at some point, it's over. Even top wines that have been kept under ideal storage conditions will one day change their state of aggregation. Also the tip of the iceberg. Which leads me to my buddy Werner. Referring to his favorite hobby, the fascinationwithf vintage hi-fi, he claims: "What used to be good can't be bad today."



Yeah, vintage to me is mid sixties through mid seventies.  I guess I am old…



@whart  agreed. 

I pulled a single International Projector Co. Horn and folded cab out of an old theater in my town. After some clean up, fresh wire and some sanding, in a word wow!

Friends and family are simply blown away not by it's size, but it's sound, in mono no less. 

I'm getting the feeling that we in this hobby spend a good deal of time chasing the new and shiny (myself included), whereas sometimes there's a hidden and unused gem somewhere. It might just take an enjoyable mini adventure to find it. That and a little elbow grease. 



+1 @doyle3433  

Any chance you can post a photo or two? It means either setting up a virtual system with link or using one of those third party photo hosting sites and linking from there. 

We like old stuff! 

Nice story @doyle3433.  I have heard an IPC horn setup, also mono, and it sounded great for sure.  I can understand your enthusiasm!

Count me among the vintage fans.  My speakers have horns from the late 1940s, drivers from the 50s and 60s, and crossover caps from the 50s and 60s.  And my main amplifiers are a copy of a Western Electric design from the 40s.  Just the system to play my 1950s jazz LPs!