The finest Cable Elevators you ever auditioned?

Please share your listening experiences! I am especially interested in back to back comparisons. Perhaps you have gathered your audiophile friends around for a double blind shoot out? Would appreciate your guidance on how much of you budget should be devoted to cable elevators. Is there something out there under $1000 that really is a giant killer? Any truth in elevator directionality making a big difference?
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The auditioning of cable elevators and de-elevators in isolation (pardon the pun) is really only half the story.

The effects of elevation on most cables which are not designed to be levitated, tend to have their frequency response altered. There is a formula. mass x height + atomic weight - price = frequency response.

Now to get around this problem cable regulators must be used in conjunction with the elevators/de-elevators to make sure the cables ability to transfer the correct balanced frequency throughout your system is properly optimised. Think of it as "room correction" for elevated cables.

There is only one problem with the regulators and this is their size. To regulate within reasonable tolerance, the regulators must clamp onto the existing cable. But at 6 foot wide and 4 foot high, connection can be tricky. They are also quite heavy, which can lead to elevation collapse.

If you need to ask the price for these audio gems you cannot afford them and you will spend your whole audio life in despair.

If you think cable elevation changed your life wait until you hear cable regulation combined with elevation and de-elevation. Your ears will thank you but your wallet won't.